The Future of Travel

The Future of Travel

Suz Suz March 10, 2020 0 Comments Latest News, Travel

Underwater hotels, holidays to the moon, danger zone tourism. Sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, right? According to Skyscanner’s new report ‘The Future of Travel’, these vacation ideas may not be as out of this world as they seem! 

Today, we’re taking a closer look at predicted travel trends. How will the future of travel change how people vacation? It all looks very exciting, if we may say so ourselves. 

The Future of Travel 

The past few decades have seen us change how we travel. Modern advancements in transport have enabled us to travel further. It’s also made travel more affordable for many of us. So what does the future of travel hold? 

Skyscanner teamed up with 56 experts to figure this out. These trends are predicted to shape the global travel industry by 2024.

Space Travel

Space Travel

Zero gravity vacations may not be everybody’s destination of choice. But there’s something alluring to many of us about the ability to say “I vacationed in space.” Sir Richard Branson is aiming to make that a reality with the pioneering Virgin Galactic. Tickets for the 90-minute Virgin Galactic flight are a reported $250,000. 

Underwater Hotels

Do not worry if you hear someone invite you to “sleep with the fishes.” Underwater Hotels are already a thing of the present! The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, located in the Maldives, opened the first underwater hotel residence in 2018. The two-story villa, known as “The Muraka”, plunges over 16 feet below sea-level. (Cool bit of info: “The Muraka” literally translates to “coral”!). It’s predicted that underwater, or sub-aquatic, hotels will be more mainstream by 2024. 

Extreme Travel 

As our world becomes more connected, previously difficult to reach destinations are more accessible. We’re also previously “forbidden zones” opening up to the tourist trade. Just remember: If you plan to visit extreme destinations – remember to abide by local laws!  

Environmentally Friendly Travel 

According to a report from, 51% of global travellers would consider changing their original destination to a second if they knew it had environmental benefits. Furthermore, “60% of global travelers would be keen to have access to a service (app/website) that recommends destinations where an increase in tourism would have a positive impact on the local community.” Locations like Bath Creek, North Carolina, can truly be hidden gems: Tourism helps boost the local economy. At the Inn on Bath Creek, we’re also doing our bit to help protect the environment with our green policies. 

Environmentally Friendly Travel

Local Travel 

Local travel is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. And why not? Exploring our local areas is something may of us don’t do enough. Even a short hour up the road can change your environment and perception. It’s truly remarkable how much of our local areas we don’t actually stop to appreciate! The trend of local travel is one that we are excited to see grow!

All-Amusive Travel

Almost half of current travellers are looking for an “all-amusive” vacation, this means staying in one place that has all the things you want to enjoy.  By doing this you can make the most of every moment without losing any precious time. Right here in Bath, North Carolina, you are spoilt for choice. A few things you can enjoy during your stay are:

  • History 
  • Nature
  • A bustling nightlife in the local towns
  • Amazing food 
  • Sporting activities such as hiking and watersports 
  • Live music events 
  • Beautiful quiet spots for some restorative alone time.

The Future of Travel and Technology

Technology is noticeably very relevant in people’s vacation decision making these days. The world truly is your oyster now that you can use search engines to find accommodation even in the most remote places. 

More and more of us are looking at real reviews from real travelers. It’s important for businesses to encourage and maintain these reviews, as they can be a powerful ‘word of mouth’ tool. The search engines also make it far easier to determine local activities, restaurants and events nearby. It truly makes booking your trip much easier. If you’d like to check out some of the reviews for the Inn on Bath Creek, check out our TripAdvisor listing

But it’s not just about the search engines. Other technology that could impact the future of travel includes: 

  • Robot-staffed hotels
  • Supersonic long haul flights
  • Biometric passports 
  • Virtual Reality 

One trend that we’re hoping to grow is letting go of FOMO. The fear of missing out can often mean that we’re more concerned about what we’re missing, than enjoying what we’re experiencing

In Bath, NC, we’re all about the experience of travel. Immerse yourself in the local scenery as you get around by foot, bicycle or even on the water. 

Are you ready for your next vacation now? We’d love to welcome you to Bath, North Carolina. Come and experience the beauty of Eastern North Carolina. Book your stay at the Inn on Bath Creek today. We promise you a warm welcome and a relaxing stay! Call us on 252-923-9571 or click here to request a room online


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