Spooky Moon in Forest Night | Most Haunted: North Carolina

It’s Halloween – a great time to share spooky stories. In North Carolina, a state full of history, there are plenty of strange happenings and a lot of spooky paranormal activity to share! Here in the Old North State, you may hear a knock from inside the walls of the Governor’s Mansion or meet a mysterious stranger on a Grandfather Mountain trail. 

Below we are sharing 8 of our favorite Most Haunted: North Carolina stories. 

Most Haunted: North Carolina

Helen’s Bridge

The legend of Helen’s bridge is one of the most famous sinister stories in North Carolina history. The story is a tragic story of grief where a lady called Helen lost her daughter to a fire. Grief-stricken Helen hung herself from bridge, taking her own life.

Today she can be seen wearing a long gown, asking the whereabouts of her child. There have been numerous reports of incidents involving cars at the bridge – either at the site or days later. The area seems to have high levels of paranormal activity and is one of the most popular sites for those looking to investigate strange goings on!

Teach’s Hole

Ever heard the story of Blackbeard’s Ghost walking the shores of North Carolina? Edward Teach, most commonly known as Blackbeard, was killed in a battle with the Royal Navy in 1718. Lieutenant Robert Maynard had Teach beheaded and his body thrown overboard. 

Blackbeard’s head was then suspended from the bowsprit of Maynard’s ship for good measure. His head was returned to Governor Alexander Spotswood of Virginia for a bounty of one hundred pounds sterling. Legend says Blackbeard still walks the beaches of North Carolina searching for his severed head.

The Great Dismal Swamp

The Dismal Swamp State Park, despite what its name suggests, is actually a beautiful place to go in the day! Not only does it have a variety of wildlife and beautiful scenery. The land has a lot of history, including the Underground Railroad, an exploration by George Washington and even communities of escaped enslaved people. By nightfall, it becomes spooky and dangerous! 

The dangerous and untamed land has many stories of visitors who were lost to the swamp and there have been reports of visitors hearing noises, seeing strange lights and extreme cases of spirits whose lives were claimed by the swamp!

Roanoke Island Ghost Deer

One of the most well-known stories in North Carolina is that of the vanishing Roanoke Colony. Legend says the settlement of around 100 people, were low on resources and food, shortly after they were established in 1587. The Governor of the colony, John White, returned to England to bring back more supplies.

It was at this point that England went to war with Spain, delaying White’s return to Roanoke for 3 years! When he finally returned, all of the settlement had disappeared, including his granddaughter Virginia Dare, the first English child to be born in the New World. The only clue to the fate of the colonists being the word CROATOAN carved into a tree. 

White was desperate to follow up on the clue carved into the tree. But he was prevented from making a thorough search of the islands. His ship was threatened by a large oncoming storm, and the captain was eager both to escape that danger and to turn south and hunt for Spanish treasure ships. White was forced to sail on, not knowing what had become of his family and the other settlers. 

By the time of the next attempt at Colonization in 1608 at Jamestown, the fate of the Lost Colonists had already become the stuff of legend. Legend says that Virginia’s mother had the foresight to carve their destination into the tree which she did, clutching her child with her husband lying dead next to her. 

Virginia grew up to be a beautiful maiden who attracted the attention of many suitors. Among those a jealous sorcerer called Chico who Virginia rebuffed, enraging him. He used his dark arts to curse her and transform her into a snow-white deer. The mysterious white doe was often seen on Roanoke, walking alone in the now overgrown desolate area, built by her people. 

The Ghost Hiker of Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain State Park is one of North Carolina’s most visited areas. Known for its beautiful landscapes, majestic wildlife and treacherous hiking trails – locals come along to the area all year round. One frequently encountered ghost is that of a lone hiker!

Reports say that the ghost is an older man with a long beard who can be spotted carrying a walking stick and hiking silently at dusk. A gentle and harmless ghost, the lone hiker has never acknowledged anyone who has seen him, instead he hikes the 12 miles of trails in the park alone. 

The Biltmore Estate

George Vanderbilt died unexpectedly from complications from an appendectomy and is said to haunt the grounds of the old, historic Biltmore Estate. Years after his death, his widow, Edith, is said to have spent much of her time in the library talking to him and to this day, she can still be heard talking to him in the library!

Cry Baby Lane

One of the saddest and most tragic stories in North Carolina is that of the fire that destroyed an orphanage outside of Raleigh and killed several children who lived there. After the fire, in the field where the fire took place, locals reported a strong smell of smoke, so strong in fact that it would fill up their lungs and they would cough violently. After the smoke disappeared, cries and screams could be heard all around. 

The Pink Lady

The Pink Lady, thought to be a debutante or a secret scorned lover, is said to have fallen to her death from a 5th floor window from the Omni Grove Park Inn. Seen in a pink ball gown or with a pink ‘glow’ around her, those who have encountered her say she is good natured and is good with children. It is said that one guest even left a note at the front desk thanking the ‘lady in pink’ for playing with his children during his stay. The Pink Lady seems to have a preference for room 545 and is often reported to be playing pranks such as turning lights and air con on and off and rearranging objects!

These are just a few strange ghost stories, famous in the state known for paranormal happenings.  There are so many cool, spooky places to visit in North Carolina, at Halloween or at any time for locals and visitors to the area. 

Interested in diving into North Carolina’s spooky history? The Inn on Bath Creek is the perfect starting point for your ghoulish adventure. Book your stay today. Call 252-923-9571 or click here to request your stay online


Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs or BnBs for short) are becoming an increasingly popular lodging option for travelers worldwide. BnBs are often private family homes, which gives them some huge advantages over standard hotels. They tend to be more personalized, relaxing, and down-to-earth experiences.  So what is included in a Bed and Breakfast?


Bed and Breakfasts commonly have between four and eleven private rooms; the average BnB has six bedrooms. Some have private en suite bathrooms while others require their guests to share communal bathrooms.

One feature travelers often appreciate about BnBs is the uniqueness of each bedroom. Large hotels can have over one hundred rooms that are practically identical. How boring is that? Most BnBs don’t have “copy and paste” bedrooms. 

Inn on Bath Creek has four unique bedrooms (Pamilco, Chesapeake, Calabash, and Okrarcoke), each themed around a southern coastal town. That means our guests can visit us four separate times and have four completely different experiences! Visit our website to check out our luxury guest rooms.


Most of the time, breakfasts offered in chain hotels are mediocre at best. Stale bagels, powdered eggs, suspicious-looking fruit. No thanks. And if you don’t wake up early enough, all the “good” stuff is already gone!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially on vacation. Have you ever had a not-so-great breakfast that made you a little sick? Or the meal just wasn’t appetizing which led you to being hungry all day? Those kinds of things can ruin a whole trip! 

B&Bs offer locally-sourced, fresh, and delicious breakfasts that will give their guests the energy and nutrition they need to enjoy the rest of their day. One of our guests wrote “The breakfast each morning was the highlight of our day!”. Find us on Trip Advisor to read more wonderful reviews from our wonderful guests.


Hotels charge for everything. Wifi, Parking, Drinks. Staying in a hotel usually ends up being much more expensive than we originally think. Bed and Breakfasts often do not charge for these things and have extra amenities included as well!

The Inn on Bath Creek offers free parking, free WiFi, free drinks throughout the day, a selection of DVDs and books, and various places to relax. Hotels may have comfortable bedrooms, but very few have welcoming communal areas. Our guests love to spend time in our sunroom, front room, lounge, garden, and on the front porch swing. 

B&B Owners

Bed and Breakfast owners may be the biggest asset to your vacation. While hotel owners are extremely busy and have tons of rooms, customers, and employees to deal with, B&B owners are usually very available to their guests. 

Most owners live in or near their B&B so they are very knowledgeable about the local area. They’ll know the best places to eat, the coolest historic sites, the most fun places to shop, and all the secret gems you could only hear about from a true local. 

Inn on Bath Creek guests love the owners. Here are a few comments from our guests. 

“Dale & Maree, were so welcoming and made you feel at home.”

“Our hosts, Maree and Dale, couldn’t have been more welcoming and helpful.”

“Marie and Dale were exceedingly enjoyable, helpful and extremely accommodating. We are delighted to have had the experience of staying in The Inn on Bath Creek!”

Hotels and other common lodging options may be suitable for short business trips, but if you want a real getaway, one that is relaxing and unique, you should consider a Bed and Breakfast instead. 

We’d love to show you first what is included in a Bed and Breakfast firsthand! Visit our website to book a vacation with us!


This year has been an interesting one to say the least. No matter who you are, you have been affected by more than a few curve balls 2020 has thrown at you. Luckily, we are entering summer and as Charles Bowden once said, “summertime is always the best of what might be”. 

North Carolina is a beautiful state every day of the year, but it is particularly beautiful during the summer months. From our serene coast to the mesmerizing mountain ranges and everything in between, there are endless opportunities to enjoy your summer in NC this year.  

1. Canoeing, Kayaking, and Tubing

Although beautiful, North Carolina summers are HOT! One of the best and most fun ways to stay cool is to be on/in the water. Canoeing, kayaking, and tubing spots are present all over the state! 

East coast paddlers enjoy the peaceful scenery of overhanging trees and water birds at Goose Creek State Park. This is a great option if you own a kayak or canoe but unfortunately the park does not offer rentals.

 If you plan on being in central North Carolina this summer, check out Cape Fear River Adventures in Lillington. They offer kayaking classes, lazy river tubing, white water adventures, and even paddleboard yoga! This is a great spot for beginners who want to rent vessels. 

Western NC has amazing paddling options as well. Zaloo’s Canoes has something for everyone. Take a relaxing 2-3 hour float down New River, a 5-mile kayaking trip, or an overnight canoe adventure!

2. Visit a State Park

What better way to spend your summer than exploring the great outdoors? Visiting State Parks is a wonderful way to experience and appreciate NC. There are currently 41 places that make up the North Carolina State Parks system.

Jockey’s Ridge, located on the Atlantic coast, is home to the tallest living sand dune, a great place to hike, and the perfect spot to watch the sun set. Visitors also enjoy flying kites and adventure seekers get a thrill out of hang gliding lessons!

Located just a few minutes from town amenities, Eno River is a great option for those who don’t want to go too far off the beaten path. It’s no surprise that it was named the Regional State Park of the Year because of its nearly 28 miles of scenic trails that take hikers into the heart of nature.  

Hiking is an obvious activity to enjoy at Grandfather Mountain, but this State Park is full of surprises! Its unique wildlife exhibits are built around the natural habitat of cougars, black bears, elk, otters, and bald eagles. Grandfather Mountain’s mile high swinging bridge is arguably its most breathtaking feature. 

3. Camping

North Carolina offers a camping (or glamping) experience for everyone. It is easy to find traditional camping sites by doing a simple internet search. However, if you’re looking for a unique experience, you’re in the right place!

In the coastal plains, camp on the Roanoke River, literally! These platform sites offer a unique experience of camping a few feet above the water. If the beach is more your scene, try Cape Lookout National Seashore and camp in the sand, a short distance from a lighthouse.  

Central NC offers more glamorous versions of camping. Live out your childhood dreams and spend a weekend at Treehouse Vineyards. That’s right. You can rent a treehouse to “camp” in. If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll love Long Cove Resort which proudly serves Starbucks in each cabin.

The North Carolina mountains region features unusual camping shelters. At Blue Bear Mountain Camp, you can stay in an RV, tent, cabin, or even a 22 foot tall teepee! If you love paddling, you’ll love French Broad Paddle Trail. Spend all day paddling down the river to your next campsite, set up camp, sleep, wake up, repeat.

No matter which region of North Carolina you decide to spend your summer, there are tons of options for everyone. Just remember: stay safe, have fun, and don’t forget your sunscreen! If you’re ready to explore Historic Bath, NC, we’d be delighted to have you stay at the Inn on Bath Creek. Click here to request a room today, or call us on 252-923-9571.


Many of us enjoy traveling somewhere for our vacation. Upon arrival, it’s easy to forget the headache that may have come as part of planning a holiday away. Planning your travel, finding accommodation, budgeting your trip – a vacation involves a bit of work!

When you think about it, the reason we go on vacation is to get away and recharge. Sure, it’s great to see new places and try new food, but R&R is what many of us are after. If you’re in need of a vacation, but can’t actually get away, a staycation could be the perfect choice for you. 

What is a Staycation? 

Put quite simply, a staycation is a vacation where you get to stay at home. That’s right, you don’t actually have to go anywhere. You may think this is impossible or pointless. After all, the point of a vacation is GO somewhere, right? Wrong! The goal of any vacation is to have fun and relax! Staycations can actually be just as exciting and refreshing as a normal vacation (if you do it right, of course).

Do You Need a Staycation?

Most of us spend our day to day lives running from one place to the next. The list of chores seems never ending. Is it time for you to take a break? While a vacation away may not be on the cards for you, you can still enjoy a staycation. Here are some signs you need a staycation. 

Everything and everyone is getting on your nerves: You’re normally a pretty happy person but lately, you’ve been irritable. You’ve always loved your co-worker’s jokes, but recently they’ve become unbearable. The sound of birds singing used to make you smile but now all you do is cringe.

You’re on autopilot: You’re just going through the motions of your life. Wake up. Eat. Go to work. Eat. Come home from work. Eat. Go to bed. Wash, rinse, and repeat every day. You feel like you’re trapped in a monotonous time loop.

Everything feels like it’s “too much”: There are bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a to-do list that seems to get twice as long every time you check it. Life can be overwhelming. It feels like you’re one minor inconvenience away from having a mental breakdown.

You’re always tired: Even when you get your 8 hours of sleep, you never feel rested. You wake up tired, roll out of bed, and spend the rest of your day wishing it was bedtime already.

You’ve become a workaholic: You have a bad habit of bringing your work home. You’re glued to your phone checking emails, talking to your co-workers, and doing research because you just had a great idea in the shower. This is supposed to be your time to unwind and spend time with loved ones.

How Could This Benefit You?

A staycation doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing a staycation over a getaway.

Save money: Choosing a staycation over a traditional vacation can easily save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. You’re saving money on hotels, gas, and travel expenses. The only things you really have to worry about are food and entertainment.  

More time to relax: Since you don’t have to worry about traveling, you have way more time to relax.

Easier and quicker to plan: You don’t have to buy plane tickets, book a hotel, or sort through all the tourist attractions. You don’t even need to get permission from your boss because you can have a staycation over the weekend!

No packing: The only thing worse than packing is unpacking. With a staycation, you don’t need to do either.

No travel anxiety: Traveling is stressful. Traffic. Airports. Layovers. Ugh. If going on vacation is going to make you MORE stressed, what’s the point? Stay home!

What Do You Do on a Staycation?

Take a walk: Whether it’s at a local park or just around your neighborhood, taking walks has been proven to relieve stress and make you happier.

Take a guilt-free nap: You deserve one!

Get some sun: Grab your favorite drink, play your favorite music, or pick a book and lay out in the sun. It’s the best source of Vitamin D which decreases depression and improves your immune system.

Try a new recipe: Sometimes we get in the habit of cooking/eating the same thing over and over again and it gets boring. Spice it up a little! Here’s one of our favorites.

Read a book: If there’s a book you’ve been wanting to read, now’s the time!

Have fun in your backyard: You can play sports, plant a garden, or start a fire and roast marshmallows. Get creative!

Movie night: Get popcorn, candy, your favorite drinks, turn out the lights and enjoy your home theater.

Game night: Time to dust off those old games in the closet! Hopefully you have all the pieces…

Start a project: There are thousands of DIY projects you can find on YouTube and Pinterest. Here are a few ideas!

Reflect: Take this time to think about yourself. Who are you? How do you feel? What are you grateful for? Reevaluating your situation and perspective will help you feel refreshed after your staycation is over.

The Future of Travel

Underwater hotels, holidays to the moon, danger zone tourism. Sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, right? According to Skyscanner’s new report ‘The Future of Travel’, these vacation ideas may not be as out of this world as they seem! 

Today, we’re taking a closer look at predicted travel trends. How will the future of travel change how people vacation? It all looks very exciting, if we may say so ourselves. 

The Future of Travel 

The past few decades have seen us change how we travel. Modern advancements in transport have enabled us to travel further. It’s also made travel more affordable for many of us. So what does the future of travel hold? 

Skyscanner teamed up with 56 experts to figure this out. These trends are predicted to shape the global travel industry by 2024.

Space Travel

Space Travel

Zero gravity vacations may not be everybody’s destination of choice. But there’s something alluring to many of us about the ability to say “I vacationed in space.” Sir Richard Branson is aiming to make that a reality with the pioneering Virgin Galactic. Tickets for the 90-minute Virgin Galactic flight are a reported $250,000. 

Underwater Hotels

Do not worry if you hear someone invite you to “sleep with the fishes.” Underwater Hotels are already a thing of the present! The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, located in the Maldives, opened the first underwater hotel residence in 2018. The two-story villa, known as “The Muraka”, plunges over 16 feet below sea-level. (Cool bit of info: “The Muraka” literally translates to “coral”!). It’s predicted that underwater, or sub-aquatic, hotels will be more mainstream by 2024. 

Extreme Travel 

As our world becomes more connected, previously difficult to reach destinations are more accessible. We’re also previously “forbidden zones” opening up to the tourist trade. Just remember: If you plan to visit extreme destinations – remember to abide by local laws!  

Environmentally Friendly Travel 

According to a report from Booking.com, 51% of global travellers would consider changing their original destination to a second if they knew it had environmental benefits. Furthermore, “60% of global travelers would be keen to have access to a service (app/website) that recommends destinations where an increase in tourism would have a positive impact on the local community.” Locations like Bath Creek, North Carolina, can truly be hidden gems: Tourism helps boost the local economy. At the Inn on Bath Creek, we’re also doing our bit to help protect the environment with our green policies. 

Environmentally Friendly Travel

Local Travel 

Local travel is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. And why not? Exploring our local areas is something may of us don’t do enough. Even a short hour up the road can change your environment and perception. It’s truly remarkable how much of our local areas we don’t actually stop to appreciate! The trend of local travel is one that we are excited to see grow!

All-Amusive Travel

Almost half of current travellers are looking for an “all-amusive” vacation, this means staying in one place that has all the things you want to enjoy.  By doing this you can make the most of every moment without losing any precious time. Right here in Bath, North Carolina, you are spoilt for choice. A few things you can enjoy during your stay are:

  • History 
  • Nature
  • A bustling nightlife in the local towns
  • Amazing food 
  • Sporting activities such as hiking and watersports 
  • Live music events 
  • Beautiful quiet spots for some restorative alone time.

The Future of Travel and Technology

Technology is noticeably very relevant in people’s vacation decision making these days. The world truly is your oyster now that you can use search engines to find accommodation even in the most remote places. 

More and more of us are looking at real reviews from real travelers. It’s important for businesses to encourage and maintain these reviews, as they can be a powerful ‘word of mouth’ tool. The search engines also make it far easier to determine local activities, restaurants and events nearby. It truly makes booking your trip much easier. If you’d like to check out some of the reviews for the Inn on Bath Creek, check out our TripAdvisor listing

But it’s not just about the search engines. Other technology that could impact the future of travel includes: 

  • Robot-staffed hotels
  • Supersonic long haul flights
  • Biometric passports 
  • Virtual Reality 

One trend that we’re hoping to grow is letting go of FOMO. The fear of missing out can often mean that we’re more concerned about what we’re missing, than enjoying what we’re experiencing

In Bath, NC, we’re all about the experience of travel. Immerse yourself in the local scenery as you get around by foot, bicycle or even on the water. 

Are you ready for your next vacation now? We’d love to welcome you to Bath, North Carolina. Come and experience the beauty of Eastern North Carolina. Book your stay at the Inn on Bath Creek today. We promise you a warm welcome and a relaxing stay! Call us on 252-923-9571 or click here to request a room online

8 Reasons to Travel in 2020

If you’re like many, ringing in the new year means changes and new resolutions. For some, resolutions are about losing weight, being more positive, or maybe challenging yourself in a hobby or skill. On the other hand, for some, travel resolutions are popular and they’re a great way to kick back, see the world, and feel accomplished doing so. If travel in 2020 is going to be your stress relief rolled into a new year resolution, we’ve got just the motivation to kick start your travel planning. With our top 8 reasons to travel in 2020, we know it’ll ignite some passion in you!

8 Reasons to Travel in 2020

Aside from having the awesome opportunity to see the world, exploring new cultures and taking in amazing views, there are actually great physical and mental reasons to get out and travel more. Here are our top 10 reasons why you should book that flight and travel in 2020.

  1. Gain world insight – If you’re looking to broaden your cultural horizons, there’s no better way than to live it. By traveling you have the opportunity to submerge yourself in cultures around the world. Experiences you can’t get at home, dining, history – there’s so much to be gained from a little worldly perspective. 
  2. The holidays! – Lets face it, you probably have your own beloved traditions and celebrations, but why not see how the rest of the world does them? Not to mention, at any time of year, you’ll get the chance to experience holidays you may not even know existed. 
  3. Learning new languages – The benefits of learning a new language are endless – not only will you get your brain working, but it will definitely help you connect even more profoundly to the cultures you’ve chosen to visit. 
  4. Meaningful memories and relationships – Chances are good you won’t ever forget laying on a tropical beach or interacting with remote cultures. You’ll probably always remember your well thought out vacations where you got to experience the unknown. Not only do you get to hold on to these memories forever, but it helps you connect with your travel companions and people all over the world. It’s not bad for conversation back home, either! 
  5. Broaden your adventurous horizon – Going snorkeling, riding icelandinc ponies, petting a koala – these are things you’re most likely not going to do sitting back at home. It may not equal adventure to everyone, but traveling abroad means upping your chance to enjoy great adventures!
  6. Sabbaticals are great for your mind – Whether you’re going for a short weekend or a month, checking out and relaxing is great for your physical and mental wellbeing. Sitting down and giving yourself the chance to check out and enjoy your surroundings can definitely recharge your battery. Whether you choose a backpacking trip in Europe or  you just want to curl up in a bed and breakfast on the coast, treating yourself has amazing benefits. 
  7. It fits your budget – Now better than ever, traveling is easier and more cost effective. Traveling from place to place is simple with budget airline packages, and more and more places of employment are allowing remote work.
  8. Reconnect with the great outdoors – It doesn’t matter if you’re standing on a beach, in the jungle, or climbing the alps – vacation and travel is the best way to reconnect yourself with nature. That in itself is great for your mind and body.

It’s easy to get caught up in the work grind – and it’s even harder sometimes to convince ourselves we need a break. Your travel in 2020 doesn’t have to take you halfway across the world. Local getaways are a great way to check out without commitment to lengthy travel or international trip planning. No matter what, we hope you find your little slice of heaven where you can reap the benefits of all the world has to offer!

Ready to book your next vacation? Located in historic Bath, North Carolina, the Inn on Bath Creek invites you to take a step outside of the ordinary, and find out why we believe life is better on the water. Click here to request a booking online, or call us on 252-923-9571.

Thanksgiving is a Great Time To Travel

Thanksgiving is nearly here! For many of us, this time of year means time with friends and family, lots of good food, and (the best part) leftovers! You may not want to travel at this time of year in an attempt to avoid the crowds and added expense. But there are definitely advantages to traveling at Thanksgiving. Here are our 3 reasons Thanksgiving is a great time to travel.

Why is Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Travel?

1. A Break from Routine

A vacation at this time of year could be just what the doctor ordered. A break from your routine and the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, to give thanks for things you might otherwise take for granted.

Autumn/winter brings more hours of darkness and cooler weather which both tend to result in us staying indoors and feeling a little isolated and flat in mood. Taking a vacation gives you the motivation to get out there and be more sociable. This is incredibly restorative and great for mood boosting.  

2. Catch up with Friends and Family

This holiday is all about giving thanks for what we have, and one thing we surely should be grateful for, is our loved ones. Do you have relatives abroad? If so, did you know that international deals are plentiful around this time of year?


Well, a lot of other countries don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so you don’t get the same travel rush as at Christmas or New Year. You could arrange to host a celebration and show your relatives from across the pond just how we do it over here. Alternatively perhaps you could jet set off to visit them and take it in turns each year!

3. Fall in NC is Beautiful

We may be biased, but here in NC we have some stunning areas of natural beauty that will make anyone pause and give thanks. With the glorious scenery that surrounds us, what better way could you celebrate thanksgiving?   

We Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving

Whatever you decide to do this Thanksgiving, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday. If you’d like to book a stay at the Inn on Bath Creek, please get in touch today. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

The Mysterious Devil’s Horse’s Hoof Prints of Bath

If you like a spot of spooky sightseeing, then let us entice you with one of our oldest and most notorious mysteries – the “eternal devil’s horse’s hoof prints”. This eerie earthly affliction has been present for over 200 years, and is only 3 miles west of Bath. 

Deeply set into the soft soil of a now forested area, all attempts to fill the hoof prints have failed. They stubbornly remain as a demonic reminder of a doomed soul who lost a bet with the devil. Nothing will thrive within any of the 5 prints that measure 6 to 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep. School children have tried leaving things inside the depressions, and every time the items vanish by the time the foolish trickster returns. Visitors to the site have apparently reported the same, spooky occurrence.  

The Story of the Devil’s Horse’s Hoof Prints

Accounts vary, but the story goes that the ill fated Jesse Elliot and a few friends were racing their horses along Bath’s main street one Sunday Morning. A darkly clothed stranger had appeared earlier that morning to challenge Jesse. His perceptive, faithful dog had growled in warning at this malevolent presence, but to no avail because Jesse was set on his course of action – he loved to race.

One version of events states that Jesse was heard to shout at his horse “Take me in a winner or take to me to hell”. To which the horse immediately dug its hooves deep into the ground throwing Elliot over the reins, where he slammed into a tree, broke his neck and mercifully died instantly.

Another version explains that although Jesse was winning the race, when he reached a sharp bend in the road his horse looked back and was spooked by what it saw. This is why it hastily halted and threw its rider to his peril.

Legend has it the horse could have been the devil in disguise or perhaps his mysterious rider was the descendant of fire and brimstone. Either way, the hoof prints remain and the saucer shaped depressions can still be seen today. The Fifth ominous mark is meant to be where the devil stooped to claim Jesse’s soul as his prize, then returned with him to hell.  

Scientists have tried to explain the depressions as perhaps caused by salt veins or vents for a  subterranean water pocket. But the hundreds, possibly thousands of people who have seen the hoof prints themselves attest that the legend seems to ring true. Whether or not you like to indulge in nefarious excursions to spooky places, when you stay at the Inn on Bath Creek this fall – we promise you a little slice of heaven in which to rest your weary soul. To book, call us 252-923-9571 or click here to request a booking online.

4 Must-See Historical Sites in NC

Our little town Bath is a site of great historical importance. Founded around 1690, it was North Carolina’s very first town and port. It’s seen its fair share of colorful events from piracy and Indian wars to political rivalries. There’s plenty to see and do as our recent blog details here. The legend of our most notorious resident Blackbeard appeals to many who visit, but today we would like to draw your attention to 4 other must-see historical sites in North Carolina. 

4 Must-See Historical Sites in NC

  1. USS North Carolina Battleship memorial in WilmingtonLead ship of the North Carolina class of fast battleships and the first vessel of this type, this important memorial celebrates the lives of all those who served aboard her during WW2. As you tour all 9 levels of this massive ship, you can put yourself in the shoes of those brave men as you imagine steering the ship or firing one of the guns. She is permanently docked across from downtown Wilmington on Cape Fear river. 
  2. Wright Brothers Memorial, Kill Devil HillsThe Wright brothers are famous for the first ever successful powered airplane flight. It happened on December 17th, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, after years of preparation and attempts. The memorial celebrates their persistence and ingenuity and you can see first hand where they took off and landed as well as seeing a sculpture of the plane and reconstructions of the original buildings. If you want to know more of the history of these great brothers accomplishments why not check out our blog Wright brothers dreams take flight. 
  3. The International Civil Rights Center and Museum, GreensboroA thriving archival center and teaching facility and museum, this site celebrates the non violent protests of the “Greensboro Four” that took place on February 1, 1960. These sit ins set about changes to the civil rights movement that year. There are 14 interactive exhibits to explore including photos, artefacts such as the original stools and lunch counter and video re-enactments. 
  4. Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens, New Bern Although Bath was the capital of North Carolina at the start of the settlement, from the late 1700’s it lost its importance and trade. Between 1767 and 1770 a new permanent capitol was in construction – Tryon Palace which was built for Governor Tryon. It was reconstructed in the 1950’s and remains an extravagant historical site. You can really get into the spirit of the times with interactive experiences such as costumed interpreters and interactive exhibits in the history center. There are also more than 16 acres of 18th century style gardens to wander around. It makes for a splendid day out for all. 

If you are looking for a vacation with plenty of historical interest, we know that Bath Creek will keep you entertained. We are also a great base for exploring these other well known sites, plus we can highly recommend many many more when you come to stay. Bookings can be made here, or call us on 252-923-9571.

Irish Soda Bread

One of the compliments we often get from our guests is how tasty our homemade breakfasts are. One stand-out favorite is our Irish soda bread.

Now, whilst we can’t share with you our Inn on Bath Creek secret ingredient – we can give you a simple recipe that you can follow. 

(Note: Do not use a liquid measuring cup for dry ingredients! 4oz weight = 1 dry cup.)

White Soda Bread

We recommend “soft wheat” flour (known as pastry/cake flour). You could also use the Irish flour Odlums.

  • 4 cups (16oz) all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 14oz buttermilk


Preheat the oven to 425 F.degrees and lightly grease and flour a cake pan.


  1. Sieve all the dry ingredients into a large bowl.
  2. Gradually add buttermilk until you have a sticky dough.
  3. Place onto a floured surface and lightly knead the dough. (over kneading lets too much gas escape, so don’t overdo it)
  4. Next, press the dough into a round cake tin making it fairly flat and cut a cross shape into the top.  
  5. Cover the pan with another same sized pan (to simulate the bastible pot) and bake for 30 minutes. Then remove the second pan and bake for a further 15 minutes. 
  6. You will know that the bread is ready if there is a hollow sound when you tap on the bottom of the bread. 
  7. Now it’s time to cover the bread with a tea towel and sprinkle water onto the cloth to keep the bread moist as it cools.

Brown Soda Bread

  • 3 cups (12oz) wheat flour 
  • 1 cup (4oz) white flour (do not use self rising flour)
  • 1½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 14 oz buttermilk (add slowly until the dough is moist)
  • 2 oz butter if desired


Preheat the oven to 425 F.degrees and lightly grease and flour a cake pan.


The method is same only if you desire butter, rub it into the sieved flour mix until it is crumbly and then add the buttermilk to form a sticky dough. 

Then, continue as with the white bread recipe. 

As your bread cools, why not pour yourself some coffee or tea ready to enjoy with a warm slice of buttered soda bread.

For more information or a gluten free recipe click here. Alternatively, why not visit us again and you can sample our delicious homemade Irish soda bread after a relaxing night’s rest. Call 252-923-9571 today to book your stay.