6 Tips For Your Summer Vacation

6 Tips For Your Summer Vacation

Suz Suz June 15, 2018 4 Comments Latest News, Travel

Planning a summer vacation can leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

But we’re here to help with these summer vacation tips to help you plan a fabulous summer getaway.

VactionChecklist1. Stay organised as you go

  • Keep all your research and booking confirmations such as accomodation, activities, travel together and easily accessible.
  • Book as much as you can early. Not only are you likely able to save money, it means you can just show up and and enjoy.

2. Next, the details

Once you know when you plan to travel, and with whom, you will naturally end up with a shortlist of options for the “where.”

  • What you each need to get out of the vacation?
  • What do you want to spend your time and money doing?

Do some research, and take the time to go through reviews. Consider the activities that are going to help you get the most out of your summer vacation. 

3. Know yourself & your vacation limits

There is no point planning things that won’t be enjoyed. So think…

  • Do you enjoy trying new things?
  • How much travelling for day trips do you want to do?
  • How much do you want to spend each day?
  • Do you want to engage in a lot of activities, or would you rather rest, read and just chill out?

Be open and honest, allow for some give and take with whomever is going.

4. Be clever

Think about how to avoid the crowds.

  • Activities in the morning instead of at night?  
  • Early breakfasts with sunrise instead of dinners at sunset.
  • If possible, plan your vacation outside of peak season. Not only will it mean less crowds, there’s the added bonus of cheaper rates!

5. You’re not at home

Let that soak in…

Allow yourself to enjoy just being on vacation, slow down, breathe and take it all in.

6. Finish on a high note

Save something special to look forward to at the end of the vacation. It really helps avoid the ‘end of vacation’ blues! How your vacation ends goes home with you.

Have we inspired you to book your next vacation yet? Get in touch today, and come visit us at The Inn on Bath Creek. Our light is always on!



  • Sutton Turner

    I like how you suggested staying organized with your vacation. I am planning on going on vacation to the beach this next spring break. Thanks for the tips on summer vacation.

  • indianeagle

    hey thanks for your summer vacation tips, it was very useful

  • Kit hannigan

    I really like your tip about planning your vacation outside the peak season to take advantage of cheaper rates and fewer crowds. My son works as a freelance wedding photographer. He looks too burned out for his own sake, and a week-long vacation will definitely do him some good. Summer is still a lot of moons away, so I will be sure to advise him to go out of town this month so that he can enjoy significantly more affordable hotel and resort rates.

  • Jessica Shepherd

    Wonderful tips! The one for avoiding crowds is my favourite, I find it sometimes really challenging to avoid big groups of people especially in the summer.

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