Water Sports

Water Sports

DSC_0226Bath is surrounded by water in just about every direction. Despite being only just over one square mile in size, the town’s history is peppered with its importance as a coastal town.

Bath Creek hugs the town of Bath, creating a stunning coastline that ambles towards the Pamlico River. The best way to appreciate the phenomenal natural beauty of the region is from the water.

Kayaking is a popular means of exploring Bath Creek. The easily manoeuvrable nature of the kayaks, as well as their relative speed and stability in the water allows kayakers to venture deeper into North Carolina’s Inner Banks. More experienced kayakers may choose to explore some of the smaller waterways that lead off of Bath Creek, where remote swamplands play host to an array of wildlife. For kayakers seeking to travel farther afield, there are paddling trails in nearby Goose Creek State Park as well as many other inlets and rivers to explore in the area. Maps of the local waterways are available at the Inn to help you plan a route. Kayaks are available for rent directly from the Inn on Bath Creek.

The waterways around Bath Creek are also perfect for exploration in a canoe. First developed over many hundreds of years, canoes were an ideal mode of transport for the many streams, rivers and lakes that covered North America. Their larger size can accommodate more than one person within the canoe, making a canoe a great choice for couples looking for a joint activity they can both enjoy. Canoeing is also an ideal way to observe the diverse species of birds and waterfowl that frequent Bath Creek.

Stand-Up paddle boarding is taking the water sports world by storm. A paddle board is similar to a surf board in shape, although they are larger than the traditional surf board. The clue is in the name, and stand up paddle boarders remain upright on their boards, propelling themselves through the water using a paddle. A stand up paddle board provides the perfect vantage point for sightseeing Bath’s beautiful coastline.

Make the most out of your stay in Bath, and experience why we believe life is better on the water! If you are interested in booking any of the above water sports activities during your stay at the Inn on Bath Creek, please contact us today.