Historical Tourism

DSC_0025John Lawson, a well-known explorer and surveyor, laid out the original town of Bath in 1706. The town’s 12 settlers allocated a place for a church, courthouse, and a marketplace. St. Thomas Church was erected in 1734, and is still in use today and is the location for many weddings. The Palmer-Marsh House is one of the oldest existing houses in the state, constructed in 1744. Built in 1830, the Bonner House overlooks the waters of Bath Creek joining the Pamlico River. The Van Der Veer House was constructed in 1790. This home is now the site of a museum exploring the life of Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard the Pirate, who made Bath his home before his death in 1718.

The North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources operates the Historic Bath Visitors Center as part of the state historic site and offers tours of historic homes and buildings. Services include a free orientation film. The original town limits are the boundaries of a National Register historic district. Contact us today to learn more.