fishing-at-sunset-209112_1920North Carolina’s Inner Banks are notorious for fishing. Bath Creek’s brackish waters are home to a variety of species of fish, including redfish, speckled trout, striped bass, and flounder.

Follow the Creek out towards the Pamlico Sound, the largest lagoon on the east coast. The Sound is home to populations of speckled trout, making for fantastic fishing opportunities during the spring and summer seasons. Hardened fishermen can even enjoy fishing for speckled trout during the winter, when the trout move towards the more remote hideaways.

Although the optimal fishing seasons changes through the year depending upon species, slot redfish, flounder and trophy speckled trout can be found year-round. Nearby Swan Quarter is a popular choice for anglers seeking out speckled trout, while the shallow flats in the Upper Pamlico River are home to topwater striper.

Whether you’re looking for the adventure of sport fishing, or simply looking for a peaceful afternoon fishing, Bath Creek is ideal. Half day to full day fishing charters are available with Tar-Pam Guide Service’s. Fishing charters can include trips to the upper freshwater reaches of the Tar and Roanoke Rivers, and out towards the brackish waters of the Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds.