Blackbeard – Bath’s most notorious occupant was a plundering scoundrel, but he certainly left his mark. Here’s 5 pieces of gold to wet yer treasure hunting appetite before you come to visit…

  1. Blackbeard,  otherwise known as Edward Teach came from Bristol, England where he served as “privateer” for the British Navy during Queen Annes war of 1702-1713. This is why he named his pirate vessel “Queen Anne’s Revenge”, the wreckage of which was found in 1996 in Beaufort under 20 feet of water.
  2. He came to settle in Bath around June 1718, when he was offered pardon by Charles Eden the colonial governor.  Piracy was becoming less acceptable, and many say the pair brokered a deal to split profits. He didn’t stay terribly long but took his 14th Bride here, and was treated as quite a celebrity!  He brought prosperity to the town as he traded his spoils which attracted visitors from nearby. The thirsty seafaring cohorts that came with him certainly brought plenty of custom to the bars! He was invited to many a lavish dinner and threw rawdy parties at his home on Plum Point.
  3. His fearsome reputation came from his “reign of fear” during which he ambushed passenger and cargo ships in the carribean. He also once held the city of Charleston hostage via a blockade for weeks with his army of 300 pirates at his command. His appearance was deliberately terrifying, his face mostly covered by his blackened smoking beard, he wore a crimson red jacket the pockets were loaded with pistols and knives and belted around his hips he wore 2 swords.
  4. He broke his retirement and went back to piracy, but the British Navy brought him to a gruesome end in a bloody battle at his hideaway at Ocracoke. The autopsy recorded 5 bullet wounds and 20 severe cuts to his headless body.  He was defeated by the Britsh Navy’s Robert Maynard who displayed the head on his ship as a warning. Sightings are often made on a clear evening off the coast, of Blackbeards headless body swimming in search of his own head.
  5. Yet another mystery, is that following stormy nights strange tales are told by the occupants of Bonner house. Which is across the bay from Blackbeard’s old haunt Plum Point.  They speak of a ball of fire the size of a man’s head seen travelling back and forth all night from Archbell point to Plum Point. Perhaps it is Blackbeard’s restless soul pacing his old treasure bound steps?

We hope you enjoyed this bounty! The spirit of Blackbeard certainly still lives on in the area and and there’s still so much more to find out. In the area you will find ghost walks, historical markers, sightseeing tours, talks, the NC Maritime Museum and plenty more to fill yer boots with whilst here. Book your room now.

See you soon, landlubber.


Considering travel this spring? We approve!

When we think of travel, we generally think of the summer season. Beaches, sunshine and long, lazy days are the perfect time to relax and unwind. But spring presents the perfect opportunity to witness the rejuvenation following a long winter while reviving your senses. Here’s five reasons why you should consider travelling this spring…

1. The Perfect Weather

Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and autumn often includes unpredictable cold spells! Spring really can be the best time of year to travel around the U.S. You won’t have to worry about being in the sun too long, not to mention you can go out without putting layers of thick clothes on you. The moderate climate provides the perfect opportunity to walk around at your leisure on a cool, crisp spring morning.

Bonner House in the Spring
Daffodils blossom in the Bonner House

2. Flora and Fauna

Spring is the season of bright, eye-catching colors. Daffodils braving the crisp mornings, cherry blossoms blooming; there is a distinct vibrancy of colors as the world wakes up from its winter slumber. It’s a phenomenon even locals are very fond of.

3. Festivals Everywhere

It often feels in spring like the world is waking up. It brings with it a number of exciting festivals around the U.S. From music festivals, to festivals centered around the rebirth of nature (such as the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC), it’s a wonderful time to be outside.

4. Off-peak Means Better Deals

Prices during the summer vacation often skyrocket, with kids out of school and families eager to take advantage of the weeks off. It can often mean that top attractions are crowded and more expensive! But in spring, before the summer-rush has begun, prices are reasonable and the attractions significantly less crowded. It provides the perfect atmosphere to take in the local attractions without feeling rushed through.

5. Wildlife

Spring is a time of birth in many of the national parks around the U.S. It makes it a prime time for wildlife spotting – just don’t get too close!

Although we’ve listed five, there are plenty more reasons to travel in the US this spring. If you’re looking for the a place where you can rest, relax and enjoy your nation’s rich colonial history, consider Bath, N.C. for your spring getaway. At the Inn on Bath Creek, we love welcoming visitors from around the world to share a little bit of the magic that is Bath. Why not book your room today?


Join us this Veteran’s Day

To show our appreciation and thanks for our military veterans, this Veteran’s Day the Inn on US FlagBath Creek will be offering veterans a free night’s stay.

Originally referred to as Armistice Day, Veteran’s Day was observed decades before it became a national holiday. The date originated as the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the time that WWI hostilities were said to have ended.

The first observance of Armistice Day occurred in 1919. Originally, Armistice Day was in honor of WWI veterans who fought for peace. It wasn’t until 1938 that Armistice Day became a nationally recognized holiday. The decision to change Armistice Day to Veteran’s Day was based on the impact that military conflicts have had. The objective was to celebrate and appreciate military veterans of all wars, not just WWI.

Come join us on this Veteran’s Day to spend the day in an area bathed in its own US History. Allow us to show our appreciation with a free night’s stay.  To say thanks for keeping us safe, on November 10th we are offering one free night’s stay plus breakfast to any veterans (subject to availability).

Please give us a call on (252) 923-9571 or visit our Contact Us Page to book a reservation today.


It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far. When considering what buying a B&B means, it’s hard to imagine exactly what you’re about to embark upon. Needless to say, it’s been an adventure so far. Between settling in to North Carolina and adjusting to the more relaxed way of life compared to D.C., it’s been more thrilling than we could have ever anticipated.

Along the way, we’ve been very lucky to meet some fascinating and lovely people, many of whom we hope will return to the Inn in the future! While we love the area, and think the Inn on Bath Creek is the perfect retreat from the ordinary, it’s always rewarding to hear that our guests feel the same way. It’s even better when they go to the bother of sharing their thoughts and reviews with the world online.

As a result of the reviews that people have left for the Inn on TripAdvisor, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that we have been selected for TripAdvisor’s 2016 Certificate of Excellence! The certificate is a reflection of the reviews that our guests have left for the Inn, and for this, we are extremely thankful to everyone who has taken the time to share their experiences here.

“With the Certificate of Excellence, TripAdvisor honors hospitality businesses that have consistently received strong praise and ratings from travelers,” said Heather Leisman, Vice President of Industry Marketing, TripAdvisor. “This recognition helps travelers identify and book properties that regularly deliver great service. TripAdvisor is proud to play this integral role in helping travelers feel more confident in their booking decisions.”

We look forward to continuing to provide our guests with superior service, and thank you all again.


The Washington Daily News: The Voice of the Pamlico gives locals in the community an opportunity to recognize their favorite local businesses, individuals and organizations in their Readers’ Choice Awards. It is with great delight that we can announce that the Inn on Bath Creek has been nominated as a finalist in the category of ‘Favorite Bed and Breakfast’ in this year’s 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards!

The awards cover over 130 categories. They are an exciting opportunity for local businesses to get involved with the local community. We want to express our deepest thanks to everyone who cast their vote for the Inn on Bath Creek, and our highest congratulations to our fellow finalists!

The Washington Daily News will be publishing a special weekend edition on July 24th. Details of the finalists will be announced in this weekend edition. This edition will signal the re-opening of the polls to the general public where votes can be cast to determine the winners in each category.

Voting opens on the 24th of July, and runs through to August 25th. Individuals can cast one vote a day during this time period.

Thank you to everyone who has voted for us so far. We’d love to claim the title, but we need your help to do it! Keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media networks for the voting link, and get out there and get voting. Remember, you can cast one vote every day between July 24 – August 25.  Best of luck to all of our fellow finalists!